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The key to any safe and successful new home purchase in Athens, Texas or the greater East Texas area is verifying the validity of the title. By ensuring each piece of real estate has a legitimate title, a title company like Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC can then issue title insurance to protect the lender and the owner against lawsuits or claims against the property that may result from title disputes.

Our goal is to provide trouble-free closings to all of our customers. As an independently owned full-service title insurance agency, we spend our days meeting the needs of property owners with cutting edge technology and responsive, expert customer service. With every transaction we oversee, we approach the situation with professionalism, creativity, and a thorough understanding of the needs of all parties involved.


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Whether you are a real estate company in East Texas or a consumer looking to sell or buy a home, you should make sure that there will never be any issues regarding the title of a specific piece of real property. Contact Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC in Athens, Texas to learn more about your options for verifying the legitimacy of your title and taking out a title insurance policy to protect your rights as property owners in East Texas.

What is Title Insurance

As you buy a new house, you will most likely take out a homeowner’s insurance policy. This helps safeguard you and your family against whatever the future might hold for your property.


Verifying a Title

To be totally sure that the title to a piece of property is legitimate, and that the future owners will be the legal and rightful owners of that property, a title company will perform a title search.


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Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC represents the people of Athens, Texas and the surrounding area with title services while maintaining professional standards of service to all our clients.


Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC

Title Insurance Provider

The mission of Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC is an honest one. We seek to provide market-responsive real estate transfer products and services to ensure that your real estate sale or purchase goes smoothly, without any hiccups. If you’re selling or buying property and need the services of an Athens title company, contact Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC today.


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